Idol Round Up:青SHUN学園,Shooting Star Girls ,S★UTHERN CROSS,MINGO!×MINGO!,


Idol Round Up:青SHUN学園,Shooting Star Girls ,S★UTHERN CROSS,MINGO!×MINGO!,
One Round Up is just not enough today to get everything in , so here is round two



One of the first things that you may or may not notice  there is two guys in the group sort of . It`s kind of like Tsunku being a back dancer for Morning Musume [again Kind of like]. It`s a group with many complicated parts  Bottomline is that you get used to it quickly.

The group also has a mini movie that we will look at a another time.

Shooting Star Girls

shooting star girls
This is a new group that I am just getting to know ,but what I`ve seen so far has been entertaining. I look forward to getting to know them better in the future


S★UTHERN CROSS is a group that i have not followed as close as I should have as this is real good group .So I have made this year a year to follow them more closely.

Rest of the show is here ,along with a number of other Idols you may have not seen before.


This is another group that I am just now getting to know  and doing Kagoshima proud
If you notice closely  the first M in the logo represents the active volcano in the region. MINGO!×MINGO! is on my list of groups to discover more about in 2013.

There is actually 7 videos in this segment


Last up is a group that their web show has made me just adore and that is palet. I am so glad that I gave this group a second look .If you pass up on palet , you’re really going to miss out on a great up and coming group.
palet has a new release coming out and if the short version is any sign of things to come  this is going to be a rising star in Idol genre and this album is a  must have. It`s hard to pick one favorite from the group as I really like them all ,however Takeda Saki and Kimijima Mitsuki have been winning me over in their web show.

As with all Idol round Ups the point of these posts is to give you other choices for groups to learn ,then what you see on the major TV programs each week. With 47 Prefectures in Japan groups are marking out territories across Japan in search for Idol fame.