Idol News #4: M3, Passpo☆, Palet

♪M3 is a new sub unit of the idol group Fairies, and consists of Miki, Mahiro, and Miria. A short preview of the group’s debut single Yumemiru Dancing Doll has been uploaded on the Fairies channel!

The short preview gives you a rough listen as to what the song will sound like. For the most part, the song sounds pretty cutesy, which is not a surprise since many people guessed that this new unit would cater more to an idol sound. I don’t think it sounds bad. After a few listens, it kinds of gets catchy! But the song is a normal song that any idol group would release. But we have to remember that it’s for an anime. I’ll have to see the PV to make my final judgements.

The covers were released as well!

Passpo☆ will be releasing a best of album! The album will actually be two albums. Passpo☆ Best 1, and Passpo☆Best 2. Passpo Best 1 contains some of their indie songs, and a lot of their major singles. Passpo☆ Best 2 contains a lot of their b-sides and album songs. The albums will be released on March 27. Passpo☆ is just on a roll with their releases!


Passpo☆ Best 1

  1. Let It Go!!
  2. GPP
  3. Go on a Highway
  4. Pretty Lie
  5. Shoujo Hikou
  6. ViVi Natsu
  7. Rock Da Week
  8. Kiss = Suki
  9. Kimi wa Boku wo Suki ni Naru
  10. Next Flight
  11. Bathtub
  12. Natsuzora Hanabi
  13. Wing
  14. Love Diary
  15. Dear my Friends

Passpo☆ best 2

  1. Break Out!!
  2. La La Love Train ~Koi no katamich kippu~
  3. Natsuzora Dash
  4. Uhae
  5. Ja Ne
  6. Hello
  7. Material Girl
  8. Street Fighter
  9. See You Again
  10. Pock☆Star
  11. 2 Days
  12. Dum Dum Freedom
  13. Tap My Toe
  14. Wanted!!

For those of you who haven’t seen Palet’s PV for Shouri no Seal (A song off of their second mini album) here it is!  Shouri no Seal is definitely more up beat than Mune no Button! The outfits are cuter, and the dance is better as well!