Enter the world of Alice Project

Enter the world of Alice Project

As much as we write about Alice Project, you may be feeling that Paul and I work for the company. We do not, instead we have established relationships with the members of the groups there, up to a first name exchanges in greetings, tweeting and so on.
It`s not so much that we are fans of this company ,we are ,we also just happen to go to the theatre as a staff almost every day ,so this relationship only grows stronger each day.

On the 11th was Alice Juban`s Mori Kanon`s birthday and just like every other day the Alice Project Theatre was rocking.
When you go to this theatre it`s an experience like no other  , so here is a special video look at life inside Alice Project Theatre with Alice Juban ,Steamgirls and OZ .
The date is 2-11-2013

New OZ  #2
OZ generally sings the songs of Steamgirls and Alice Juban and get the evening started off right .At some point just like the OZ before who became Steamgirls, this OZ will take on a new name and Trainees will become OZ.

After OZ the story shifts to the warring Idols Steamgirls and Alice Juban.
One thing that I should mention here, in the Indie world, the fans rotate so that the group performing can have their fans as close to the stage as possible. Once they finish, their fans trade off with the next group.


steamgirls #2

Then you have the flagship group locked in a heated rivalry with Steamgirls over the top spot in the company .Unlike other companies these groups are rivals from the start.

Alice Warring Idols

Alice Juban


This part has their famous boat ride of the crowd

Mori Kanon`s birthday

So there you have it  , a taste of what you will see when you or if you’re brave enough to enter the world of Alice Project and their 400 person capacity theatre in Akihabara everyday there is a live and on the 24th DANCEROID will be performing at the venue with them.