Cheeky Parade: C.P.U!?

Cheeky Parade unveiled the MV for their 2nd single “C.P.U !?”

iDOL Street idol group Cheeky Parade is back (very quickly) with their 2nd single, C.P.U!? C.P.U stands for Cheeky Parade Understand!?

I thought that Cheeky Parade couldn’t get any crazier, but they have! For their PV this time, they’ve used special effects to go along with their digital theme. And it looks really cool! The whole gaming/technology theme reminds me of what Sea a did for their Deli Deli Delicious PV.

In addition to the PV, there are many speaking parts, and of course, it wouldn’t be Cheeky Parade without the crazy dancing! I like the song. The chorus is especially catchy, but I think that BUNBUNNINE9 was a little more catcher than this. This PV is the Paranormal version, so I’m curious as to what they other version(s) is/are.

Even though I like their previous single a bit better, it’s not hard to see that Cheeky Parade is improving with every single! Cheeky Parade reminds me a lot of Momoiro Clover Z, because their both crazy groups. Momoclo might have some competition on their hands soon, if this trends continues!

Single goes on sale April 1.