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Idol Round Up-LinQ ,Alice Project ,DANCEROID


Sorry for the lack of posts, had things to tend to .I have been trying to decide just what is round up worthy and what is not and that has been a hard choice as the Indie genre is red hot right now as is the majors and with more…

Idol News #4: M3, Passpo☆, Palet


♪M3 is a new sub unit of the idol group Fairies, and consists of Miki, Mahiro, and Miria. A short preview of the group’s debut single Yumemiru Dancing Doll has been uploaded on the Fairies channel! The short preview gives you a rough listen as to what the song will…

Idol Round Up; Carat, Verge, ALLOVER, BELLRING


I was looking up were the former members of C-ZONE  have ended up since they ended ,so naturally I started with their record label , knowing that two members have created the group Verge . Well most of the members are still to be located but, while they seem to…

Enter the world of Alice Project

steam ladder 2

Enter the world of Alice Project As much as we write about Alice Project, you may be feeling that Paul and I work for the company. We do not, instead we have established relationships with the members of the groups there, up to a first name exchanges in greetings, tweeting…

Cheeky Parade: C.P.U!?


iDOL Street idol group Cheeky Parade is back (very quickly) with their 2nd single, C.P.U!? C.P.U stands for Cheeky Parade Understand!? I thought that Cheeky Parade couldn’t get any crazier, but they have! For their PV this time, they’ve used special effects to go along with their digital theme. And…

Idol Round Up: A very Alice Valentine Day


Steamgirls OZ Like all Idol groups Valentine’s day is a time when they make candy and cakes and offer them to their  fans .A lucky fan or a few will  get the idols like confession and the gift they made  , just like it was on the playground at school….

Random Idol Thoughts: Alice Juban vs. Steamgirls the War

Inside Alice Project theatre there is an emotional battle underway, this battle features the upstart youngsters, the broke Idols known as Steamgirls. Their opponents, their mentors, their elders Alice Juban. At stake? The best of the best at their theatre Part 1 Part 2 Alice Juban Steamgirls This battle is…

Random Idol Thoughts: Fun with Indie Idols, Special Edition

Fan made PIH Sign

Random Idol Thoughts: Fun with Indie Idols, Special Edition Well Alice Project is the gift that keeps on giving as soon as I had my top ten fun things about Indie idols done ,they give me this special add on Addition. And my two favorite members of Steamgirls and the…

Random Idol Thoughts: Fun with Indie Idols

Steam Ladder 4

Random Idol Thoughts: Fun with Indie Idols One of the things that I like about the groups that don`t work for a famous agency is that they have wild shows.It`s easier and more fun to talk to the members after events and they are known to do some odd things…

Idol Round Up: WE LOVE, cocolomoyowo, MERCI♡COCO,


Today in Idol Round Up we have three newer Idol units ,each one with their strengths and weaknesses and loads of cuteness and potential to become outstanding Idols. WE LOVE WE LOVE is an Nagoya Idol group from the WE LOVE Café .While I have not had the pleasure to…