Weather Girls: Koi wa Tokimeki Chuuihou

Taiwanese girl group Weather Girls has released the PV for their second single, Koi wa Tokimeki Chuuhou. In Weather’s Girls second single, everything is improved. The outfits are better; they look less revealing, and they’re more colorful. The PV is better. It has a mini speaking part, and we get to hear some of the girls speak Japanese, laugh, and play around. Even though nothing can surpass the catchyness of Koi no Tenki Yohou in my mind, this song isn’t that bad itself. It’s sugary sweet, and the oh oh oh‘s in the chorus are extremely addicting. Everything about this video is overly cute, from the members actions to the dancing. It amazes me how weather girls can combine the aspects of jpop and kpop and mash it up together so that it works. This song sounds so summery, and it’s kind of nice after hearing so many slow ballad type songs due to the graduation season. The b-side is Koi Yohou Release date is February 6th.


Bonus Live Performance