A Little Help from a Friend

I have been wondering  just what I would say in this post, mostly because Ray over at Idol Minded pretty much said everything that should be said on this subject. If you have not already done so ,I urge you to take the time to read what he said about the move of Pure Idol Heart from Blogger to our own website and the troubles that came along with it.


When we were having build problems with the Pure Idol Heart website  ,Ray over at Idol Minded showed me that Pure Idol Heart  has true friends in the Japanese idol genre blogging community.

Ray offered his full help and friendship to Pure Idol Heart and together despite being in far different time zones , benefited by the fact we both keep very odd sleep hours we managed to create this site that you see here.

Ray and Idol Minded have been strong supporters and friends of Pure Idol Heart for the first three years of our life as just a blogger blog and that relationship continues now in our new home.

Ray made setting up the website a lot of fun ,no clash of egos ,just two guys throwing out ideas ,trying things  on the fly and not worrying about how the end result would come only that it would.

I have thanked Ray in private ,however  I wanted to take a little bit of time in public to thank him for helping us out and to promote his article  about this move as he covered everything that should be said ,leaving me with little more to add.

So if you’re one of our veteran readers I hope  that you like what we have put together in our move and if your new to Pure Idol Heart welcome .


Owner of Pure Idol Heart