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Pure Idol Heart Fan Art

Fan made PIH Sign

A reader of Pure Idol Heart sent us this cool artwork they made. So I decided to share with all our readers

A Little Help from a Friend

Idolminded Logo

I have been wondering  just what I would say in this post, mostly because Ray over at Idol Minded pretty much said everything that should be said on this subject. If you have not already done so ,I urge you to take the time to read what he said about…

Random Idol Thoughts: Steamgirls

Idol Group Steamgirls  channeling Al Pacino in Scarface “You want to play rough ? OK! Say hello to my little friend”

Heart of Idols:Love Mark


I am not sure if this is a regular segment , a one off or what. There is just sometimes when Indie Idols well just go crazy and let it all  go for a few seconds and think they are wotas. If you’re  new to Japanese Idol genre  ,Wota is…

Weather Girls: Koi wa Tokimeki Chuuihou

Weather Girls

Taiwanese girl group Weather Girls has released the PV for their second single, Koi wa Tokimeki Chuuhou. In Weather’s Girls second single, everything is improved. The outfits are better; they look less revealing, and they’re more colorful. The PV is better. It has a mini speaking part, and we get…

For Kumamoto: Book Bear

Sorry for the crappy logo job. I tried to redo theirs, but got lazy.

I was searching for new indie idol groups to cover when I came across one in particular in which the members weren’t actually particularly idols. They were a band. Now, when I look on sites that usually cover idols and I happen to stumble upon occasional bands posted, that’s surprise…

Idol Spotlight:Oshimen , Idols the Memory Creators

I am not one who really likes to write about my life ,while my friends say that I should be proud of things that take place in it and with my daughter’s music careers  and be more open. For some time now my two daughters have been preparing for their…

愛乙女★DOLL ,Lovely Doll


Lovely Doll is a group filled with everything that is good ,from singers to dancers and great songs. If you can`t find something good to like about their talent ,I`ll be surprised ,that is unless you think the 48s are the be all to end all in idol talent. Just…


koberries 2

This takes us back to the cute style , while keeping the solid singing as a center point. I have really started to like more and more of  KOBerrieS♪ . At first look you would think this is another one of the Tokyo style idols ,however this group is doing…

HBR Love


This group much like GEM features strong vocals and solid dancing .Being a rock musician/singer/songwriter  ,i never judge a groups dancing because I simply don`t care ,that`s not why I enjoy  Idol concerts in the first place .If a group can impress me first with their vocals  ,I can enjoy…